Feb 2

Valentine’s Day has us thinking about all the animals we’ve loved. 

We’d like to share an article inspired by Charlie, the most amazing cat we’ve ever met.  He came to us as a sickly stray, and moved right into our home & hearts with pure grace.  Keep in mind that it was a full house with 2 other cats and a dog.  So perhaps “grace” is an understatement of the ease with which Charlie joined our family.  Anyway, we felt so blessed to have Charlie in our lives that we wrote about the joys of adopting an adult cat in this article.

And, as always, we’re so grateful to have our miniature poodle, Rusty, in our lives.  He’s another example of how wonderful it can be to adopt an adult pet.  He’s been blogging about it since he came to live with us.  Check out Rusty’s Dog Blog!

Visit your local shelter or rescue. Lots of loving dogs & cats are just waiting to charm their way into your home. We can help your adoptions go smoothly.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you & your pets (even the prickly ones!)

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Feb 7

Every day we help folks improve their relationships with their pets. A little education, understanding & patience from humans has a huge impact on their pets’ behavior.  As a result, cats, dogs & their people enjoy sweeter lives together.  So, really, we capture the spirit of Valentine’s Day every day around here.  We dedicate this post to celebrating & sharing that lovin’ feeling with pets and pet-lovers in your life – year round!

Play together, stay together – Try these toys to keep your pet moving; prevent boredom-based problem behaviors; and brighten each day!

How can you show your pets you love them? Understand what they need from you:

  • Read Amy Shojai’s “10 Tips to Show Cats Love
  • Read Kristine’s post, “A Letter to My Dog“.  It’s a thoughtful, humorous, heartfelt agreement to meet her dog, Shiva, halfway.  (Well, really more than half-way…)  It’s a great reminder of the parts we play in the relationships with our dogs, and how a little understanding goes a very long way.
  • And, a humorous list of what Pup would like from you:  “10 Canine Commandments“.

Gifts for your pet-loving valentine…. The best ones last or give back!

  • Blue Witch cat and dog mugs are more artistic than annoying.  (We know it’s a fine line.)
  • Pattern and Paw’s Cone Cat t-shirt is perfect for folks in veterinary, shelter or rescue fields.   Quirky-cute & funny.
  • Buy this t-shirt & save a pit bull, through 2/28/11.  And, it’s green!  Woof!
  • The Grey Muzzle Organization’s “I Love Old Dogs” pearl bracelet is sweet.  It comes gift-boxed, and the proceeds benefit senior dogs.
  • For the exotic fashionista, we recommend this canine t-shirt from Nika Collection in Turkey.
  • Yogamatic offers personalized yoga mats.  Send a pic of your pet, and they’ll put it on a mat.  New meaning for downward dog!
  • Join the Lu Parker Project:  Donate the cost of a Kuranda bed for a shelter dog, and they’ll send your valentine a bouquet of flowers.  Lovely.

Last but not least, keep your furry Valentines smelling sweet:

  • This is Pet Dental Month.  Watch these videos on how to brush your cat’s and dog’s teeth.  (Yes, you can & you should.)  Visit your vet for regular dental exams & cleanings.  (We DO NOT recommend anesthesia-free cleanings.  Watch to learn why.)  See how Rusty keeps his canines sparkling.
  • It’s skunk season (ugh).  Here’s the de-skunking 411.  You’re welcome.  (Have you seen little Iso bathing in slow motion?  Awwww…..)

Happy Valentine’s Day – every day!

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Feb 13

Everyday should be Valentine’s Day:  Give a gift from the heart, and you’ll brighten someone’s day, as well as your own!  We listed a few ideas to get you started, along with some heartwarming heroics to watch….

  • Help others locally: Donate time, money or supplies to shelters & rescues.  Offer to walk or care for the pets of a neighbor-in-need.  Adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue, or foster a pet until it finds its forever-home.  (We can help your adoption or foster go smoothly.)
  • Help others globally: Donate to trustworthy organizations working in Haiti, as they continue to need funds.  Visit American Red Cross‘ site to aid the people of Haiti.  Read their blog for progress updates.  Or, join the ASPCA in supporting ARCH (Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti).  Stay updated via ASPCA’s ongoing field reports & slide shows on the animal relief efforts in Haiti.

Do what you can to make a difference in others’ lives, and it will be returned to you ten-fold.  Need more inspiration?  Watch these amazing animal rescue videos.  (Nail-biters, we know.  But they all have happy endings!)

  • “Baltic” the dog rescued from atop an ice floe 15 miles from land in the Baltic Sea.  Read & watch!
  • “Spikey” the dog rescued from the raging L.A. River.  Watch the rescue.  (Yes, Spikey was so terrified he bit the firefighter who rescued him, but everyone’s fine, and all is forgiven.  Watch the interview with the rescuers & the follow-up report.)
  • “Sky” the cat rescued by Kay Leclaire.  Sky’s one lucky kitten:  Kay just happens to a champion climber who scaled Mt. Everest @ age 60!  Read & watch.

Happy Valentine’s Day – every day!

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Feb 5

In keeping with our belief that a healthy pet is happier and better-behaved, this is the 1st installment in our new series of posts on pet health.  Better than flowers & chocolate, right?!

  • Brush your pet’s teeth dailyPrevention is key.  Use pet toothpaste (not yours!) and a soft, child’s toothbrush.   Follow these step-by-step slideshows for tips on brushing your dog’s or cat’s teeth.  (Yes, your cat, too!)  Contact us for help with gradually introducing home dental care to your pet.
  • Beware of Valentine’s Day hazards for your pet.  Read the ASPCA’s warnings on the dangers of chocolate & lilies.
  • Try a pet-safe antifreeze in your car. Read more about antifreeze safety.
  • Fleas & ticks are active in unseasonably warm weather. Read more & talk with your vet about safe prevention for your pet.  (Avoid over-the-counter topical treatments!  See news video.)  Remember, one flea bite can make a dog with flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) miserable.  If Fluffy or Fido swallow a flea, that flea might transmit tapeworms to your pet.  And, each adult flea that you see represents only 1-2 % of the total flea population in the environment, including eggs, pupae & larvae.  So one is too many!
  • Wondering if your dog and cat are fit? Check Purina’s body condition charts.  And, of course, follow your vet’s advice on maintaining your pet’s healthy weight.
  • We’re still updating our latest “You Are What You Eat” post with the latest peanut & salmonella info.

Have a happy, healthy February!

Note:  Information provided on this site is not a substitute for veterinary care. See your vet before you begin a complementary health care or exercise plan. The statements on this Web site have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration/Center for Veterinary Medicine, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Feb 12


Safety first:  Take these precautions to have a pet-friendly Valentine’s day, courtesy of the ASPCA.

Then, put a smile on your face! Watch Odie the pug say, “I love you!”  on Late Night with David Letterman.