Pets & kids

Nothing’s sweeter than a child and the family pet enjoying each others company.  But it’s not always smooth sailing.  We love this priceless collection of illustrations & worksheets that you can download & print.  Use them to teach your child how to be safe with their pets, and strange dogs & cats they might encounter.  If you have pets that are visited by children, you’ll find this info helpful, too.

Plus, our post, “Are You a Close Talker?” shows you how to properly socialize your dog with people, including children, from Pup’s point-of-view.  Our clients use the videos in this post to help their children understand & empathize with Pup.  Many of the same techniques apply to Kitty, too.  Check it out – it might prevent a bite!

See more of our recommended resources on kids living in harmony with dogs and cats !

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