Spring’s here: Get out & play!

The weather’s warmer and spring fever is contagious.  We hope these tips help you & your pet safely enjoy the sunshine together!puppy-flower

  • If you love gardening, but don’t love Fido’s landscaping contributions, read our post on pet proofing your yard.  Is Kitty an indoor cat?  She can join you outside in a Kittywalk outdoor playground or enjoy the garden view from an enclosureContact us for more ideas….
  • Paws need cleaning? We love the paw plunger, shammy cloths, pet wipes, and paw cleaning gloves.
  • There’s nothing like a good, long-lasting chewy or treat-filled toy to keep Pup busy.  The right toys can save your furniture, deck or hot tub cover.  We’ve updated our dog & cat toy lists.  (We can help you deal with destructive chewing and feline ankle ambushes!)
  • A tired pet is better-behaved.  Interactive games & toys are wonderful.  Dog parks, dog walkers and daycares help, too.   Contact us for tips on choosing the best exercise for your cat or dog.   Make sure your vet approves of any new exercise routine for your pet.
  • Flea & tick season is here, too! Read our “What’s up, Doc?” post for info on protecting your pet from these pests.  Only use veterinarian-prescribed preventatives.  Watch this video about the dangers of over-the-counter flea/tick topicals.
  • Want to go for a swim? Revisit our summer post for tips on water safety and keeping pets cool.
  • Renew those resolutions to get moving.  Include your pet!

Whew!  After enjoying a glorious spring day, curl up with Fluffy for a well-deserved nap.  (Watch sleepy-head Bizkit sleepwalk.  Note – He’s OK, maybe a bit embarrassed.)

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