Cat-ify your life!

We cat-ified our site by adding even more helpful resources for cat lovers!

The latest addition is our article, “You CAN train your cat!  In it, we describe what cat training involves, and how it differs from dog training.  When we help folks with their cats, we’re usually changing undesired behaviors that result from Kitty being stressed.  You can certainly teach your cat commands, as you would a dog.  But with cats we’re most often guided by a few key, cat-centric questions :  How can we make you happy?  What message are you conveying with your behavior?  How can we bridge the communication gap between you & your humans, so they can see things from your perspective and have the patience to make the changes you need?  And, voila! –  We develop a personalized behavior modification plan based on a detailed history & personality profile of Kitty.

Are your home & routine cat-friendly?  Read our articles for tips on cat-ifying your feline’s life:

Have fun with it, and you’ll see wonderful changes in your favorite feline!  Be proactive whenever possible.  If you cat-ify, Kitty’s less likely to stress.  But if problems arise, don’t wait for undesired behaviors to become bad habits.  (With cats, that can happen quickly, as with house soiling and cat-cat aggression, for example.)  Don’t hesitate to contact us for help with your cats & dogs, of any age, for any issue.


It looks like Simon could cat-ify his feline’s life a bit, too.  Some environmental enrichment (interactive play sessions, cat shelves & perches with views, food puzzles, treat hunts, etc.) would be purr-fect for Simon’s Cat!


And a Happy Easter to everyone from us & our favorite porcupine, Teddy!

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