Hate the cone-of-shame?

You’re not alone.  It’s a love-hate thing.  Elizabethan collars (or e-collars) serve pets well as they heal from surgeries, allergies or injury.  But many cats, dogs & humans can’t wait to get rid of them.  The classic “cone” makes eating difficult.  Its rough edges are tough on guardians’ bare legs & can scratch furniture.  It impedes your pet’s peripheral vision, and it makes getting into a crate seem impossible.  Unpleasant, to be sure.


Did you know there are alternatives?  If you seek them out proactively, you’ll be prepared when your pet suddenly needs them.  Most of the options we list below are easily available in pet stores & online.  Some have additional uses in life with pets.  For example, if you have a secure deck with vertical railings, the Cloud Collar can prevent Pup from chasing toys through railings & off the deck.  Regardless of your product choice or use, your pet should only wear them when supervised, for safety’s sake.

  • Cloud Collar – Easier for pets to play & eat in.  Peripheral vision is good, but access to crates may be thwarted.
  • EZ Soft Collar –  For small dogs & cats.  Softness means it’s easier to sleep & maybe eat in.  Still obstructs peripheral vision.
  • Comfy Cone – For cats & dogs of all sizes.
  • Clear E-collar – Edges are padded for your pets’ comfort, and to minimize impact on items (or humans).  Peripheral vision is a bit better.  Otherwise, it’s the classic “cone”.
  • BiteNot collar – For dogs & cats.  (We suspect this would be hard for most cats to acclimate to.)  Makes eating, playing & getting into crates/cars easy.  Peripheral vision isn’t affected.

Why are we posting this info now?  It’s allergy season for pets, too.  Skin irritations lead to self-harm (licking, chewing & scratching).  Or, you may be welcoming a puppy or kitten into your home this spring.  Plan on neutering/spaying him/her.  If your pet insists on fussing over the healing area & isn’t easily distracted from it, your vet may recommend a cone.  We hope these products help reduce your pets’ stress and speed their recovery!

Try as you may to keep Fluffy & Fido comfy in this gear, there will be an adjustment period for them.  Watch how clicker training can help them acclimate without fear.  Don’t have a clicker?  Use a praise word like, “Good!” or “Yes!” to mark Pup’s approaches to the cone.


Try not to laugh too hard @ them, as their dignity is in jeopardy.  🙂  Watch as Lucy navigates steps in her cone-of-shame:


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