What’s in a “tweet”?

OK – We admit we dragged our feet about exploring Twitter. (Why on Earth would we want to waste more time online?)  But, we kept an open mind and dove in.  Now that we’ve seen the light and joined the Twitter-sphere, we’d like to share our experience with you.  (If you’re not on Twitter, bear with us & read on, because you don’t have to join Twitter to benefit!)

Our goal with this website is to provide a fresh, unbiased, informative & entertaining resource for our clients, as well as ourselves. Our new site, Rusty’s Dog Blog, is more on the fun side, with small lessons sprinkled into each of his posts.  Our e-Newsletter lets you relax & receive info from our sites automatically.  It’s also a way for us to bring you breaking pet news, like recalls, between posts.  In all of our publications, you can breeze thru & just watch a fun video – or – dig deeper to learn about behavior, health, diet, products, etc.  Personalize your experience!

How does Twitter fit in? We weren’t sure until we found a widget for our homepage (& Rusty’s) that shows our most recent tweets!  (Funny, we can write “Tweet”, but still feel incredibly awkward saying it out loud.)  So you don’t have to be on Twitter to get the best of the daily updates on what’s happening in all-things-cats-and-dogs.  Just check our site every now & then!  Still not sure?  Don’t blame you.  We’re extremely picky about what we post.  Here are a few of our recent “tweets” (still wincing):

Interesting, right?  Of course, you’re welcome to follow us on Twitter if you like, as well as Rusty. (By the way – Rusty’s becoming quite the melon connoisseur.  Watch him in action!)  Contact us anytime for help with your pets.  We’d love to hear from you!

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