Seasonal stress

Here we go!  The impending holidays can turn even the calmest of us into stress balls.  If you’re anxious &woman with headphons and dog overwhelmed, so is your pet.  We hope to put you @ ease with the info in this post.  Refer back to it often in the next 2 months, ideally before you or your pets are @ wit’s end!

  • Breathe easy. In a recent post we discussed how routine changes affect your pet.  Exercise is a great stress-buster for pets & humans, alike.  Conscious breathing is also calming.  (Think yoga or meditation.)  We love Real Simple’s “How to Relax and Breathe” (video & article).  You can use these techniques anywhere, anytime – no matter how busy you are.  Your pet mirrors your energy level & state-of-mind.  To calm your pet, calm yourself.  And get moving – schedule time to play or walk with your pet in the lovely fall weather!
  • Want more ideas on beating stress? We also love Real Simple’s articles:  “Manage Your Stress”; “Relax in an Instant“; and their reader poll, “How Do You De-stress During the Holidays?“.
  • The fewer H1N1 worries, the better. Are your pets safe from this flu?  We recommend:  Be informed about H1N1 @ your pet, but don’t panic. Check for updates; take measures to keep you & your pet healthy; and talk with your vet.  Read more from  (Note:  We updated these “swine flu” links on 11/22/09.)  
  • House training woes? We’re checking in on this subject again because it’s so common for pets to house soil in the winter.  Small breeds; puppies who haven’t experienced a winter before; unreliably house trained dogs; and indoor/outdoor cats are all likely to regress in their house training.  Get a handle on this now – before your guests arrive for Thanksgiving!  Contact us for help.

Laughter is great medicine.  Relax & enjoy these videos: A sneezing baby panda & baby elephant demonstrate that the sniffles can be cute.  (Tell yourself that if you catch a cold this season.)  And – breaking news:  Apparently Bo Obama’s house training isn’t going well on Air Force One.  The Washington Post & NBC’s Brian Williams report.  Oops!

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