Summer fun: Include your furry friends!

This week we get a break from the heat, and hopefully the smoke.  I’ve reposted summer safety & travel tips, as well as ideas for keeping cool.  I hope you’re all having a great summer!




Travel tips

Safety tips:

  • Water safetyfrom

– “Do not leave pets unsupervised around a pool.
– Not all dogs are good swimmers, so if water sports are a big part of your family, please  introduce your pets to water gradually.
– Make sure all pets wear flotation devices on boats.
– Try not to let your dog drink pool water, which contains chlorine and other chemicals that could cause GI upset.”

  • Swimming with dogs: video (
  • Pool safety: video ( and story/video (
  • Hot weather safety:  video (
  • Heat stroke: video (
  • Hot car dangers – psavideo (
  • Beach safety: video (


Cooling chewies, toys & products: Always supervise your pet to make sure he’s safe with a new toy or product.

  • “Kongsicle” – Fill a Kong toy & freeze it for a soothing, long-lasting toy.
  • Chicken broth ice cubes – Easy & refreshing for your pet.  Make sure home-made or store-bought broths have pet-friendly ingredients.  For fun, make a bone-shaped ice cube!  Or try the Deep Freeze Arctic Bone frozen toys.  Honest Kitchen’s Ice Pups make healthy ice cube treats.  Think bigger, and try the Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker.   (Tip:  In all these toys, you can freeze treats or kibble in the ice for more interest.)
  • A crate-cooling fan is helpful.  (Introduce your pet to it gradually & positively so he’s not afraid of it.  Contact us for help with this.)
  • A cold surface to lie on provides relief.  Tile floor; a cold/wet towel; or a Canine Cooler Bed all help.  (As always, make sure your pet doesn’t chew on unsafe items.)
  • Hydro ball (video)
  • Water Rover – portable pet water bowl.
  • Pet Top – converts your water bottle so your pet can drink from it.
  • Cool Collar– keeps Pup cool on the go.
  • Twist-N-Mist – Attach this mister to a hose & wrap it around a stationary object. It cools the air by as much as 25 degrees.  Great for dog runs or to cool your dog’s favorite outdoor resting area.
  • One Dog One Bone wading pools: They’re pricey, but they’re super tough & kennel tested.  If you find yourself replacing kids’ wading pools often for your dog, these pools can save you money in the long run.  (Tip:  Let Pup bob for floating toys in the pool as she cools off!  See video.)


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