Mar 5

What’s new & fresh for spring?  We’re on Facebook! We hesitated until Facebook gave pages new autonomy, and now we’re all over it.  Why?  For the same reasons we hopped on Twitter.  It’s a fun way for us to inform, entertain & stay in touch with you.  We post several times a day; we promise to keep it current & interesting.  So please stop by & follow us.  We’d love to hear from you, too.  (We’re softies for adorable pet pics!)

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What else is special about spring?  It’s puppy & kitten season, of course! Did you know that your pet starts learning from you the instant you bring him/her home?  Be sure you consciously teach little ones what you really want them to know.  We’re happy to help you start on the right paw via early puppy & kitten training!

How’s Rusty, our playful poodle, celebrating Spring? With toys, of course!  Watch him showoff a new game, and a new toy.

We caught Maru, our fave feline international video star, sporting a new spring style.  Ready for the catwalk, Maru?

Happy Spring!
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