Feb 7

Every day we help folks improve their relationships with their pets. A little education, understanding & patience from humans has a huge impact on their pets’ behavior.  As a result, cats, dogs & their people enjoy sweeter lives together.  So, really, we capture the spirit of Valentine’s Day every day around here.  We dedicate this post to celebrating & sharing that lovin’ feeling with pets and pet-lovers in your life – year round!

Play together, stay together – Try these toys to keep your pet moving; prevent boredom-based problem behaviors; and brighten each day!

How can you show your pets you love them? Understand what they need from you:

  • Read Amy Shojai’s “10 Tips to Show Cats Love
  • Read Kristine’s post, “A Letter to My Dog“.  It’s a thoughtful, humorous, heartfelt agreement to meet her dog, Shiva, halfway.  (Well, really more than half-way…)  It’s a great reminder of the parts we play in the relationships with our dogs, and how a little understanding goes a very long way.
  • And, a humorous list of what Pup would like from you:  “10 Canine Commandments“.

Gifts for your pet-loving valentine…. The best ones last or give back!

  • Blue Witch cat and dog mugs are more artistic than annoying.  (We know it’s a fine line.)
  • Pattern and Paw’s Cone Cat t-shirt is perfect for folks in veterinary, shelter or rescue fields.   Quirky-cute & funny.
  • Buy this t-shirt & save a pit bull, through 2/28/11.  And, it’s green!  Woof!
  • The Grey Muzzle Organization’s “I Love Old Dogs” pearl bracelet is sweet.  It comes gift-boxed, and the proceeds benefit senior dogs.
  • For the exotic fashionista, we recommend this canine t-shirt from Nika Collection in Turkey.
  • Yogamatic offers personalized yoga mats.  Send a pic of your pet, and they’ll put it on a mat.  New meaning for downward dog!
  • Join the Lu Parker Project:  Donate the cost of a Kuranda bed for a shelter dog, and they’ll send your valentine a bouquet of flowers.  Lovely.

Last but not least, keep your furry Valentines smelling sweet:

  • This is Pet Dental Month.  Watch these videos on how to brush your cat’s and dog’s teeth.  (Yes, you can & you should.)  Visit your vet for regular dental exams & cleanings.  (We DO NOT recommend anesthesia-free cleanings.  Watch to learn why.)  See how Rusty keeps his canines sparkling.
  • It’s skunk season (ugh).  Here’s the de-skunking 411.  You’re welcome.  (Have you seen little Iso bathing in slow motion?  Awwww…..)

Happy Valentine’s Day – every day!

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