Jan 4

Are you suffering from resolution burnout? We are.  One more list of resolutions to make, how to keep them, how to lose weight, etc – and we’re going to scream.  We know we’ve jumped on the resolution bandwagon in past posts, but this year’s different!  Let’s focus on something that’s doable year-round with your family & pets – for fun!

A friend told us about her new gift-giving philosophy for this year, and we were absolutely charmed. She told her granddaughter that this year she’d be giving experiences as gifts, not material things.  Specifically, she told her granddaughter that she’d love it if the two of them could volunteer @ a local shelter.  Because our friend’s enthusiasm for animals is completely contagious & probably runs in the family, her granddaughter eagerly agreed!  This simple idea is way more fun than a bad sweater, right?  Just think of all the lives the two of them will touch, human & animal alike.  And who knows, maybe our friend’s granddaughter will be inspired to make a career out of helping others.

So in the spirit of giving experiences, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Volunteer with your local shelter or rescue group. Don’t think you can’t make a difference.  These groups need everyone from dog walkers & cat cuddlers to handymen, computer wizes & drivers.  If you can open your home to a foster pet – wonderful!
  • Watch these inspiring videos (clip 1 and clip 2) from NBC’s “Making a Difference” series on “Fairy Dog Parents“.  (Visit their site for more info.)  You can help individually in your neighborhood by walking a dog or providing transportation to the vet for folks who are ill, elderly or shut-in.  Or, check with the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County to help an existing group.  Sonoma County has a reputation for volunteerism!
  • Still wondering how you can make a difference with limited time? We love “What You Can Do 365“.  It’s an online video series “that gives viewers the power to take small steps to solve big problems.  Each episode illuminates a pressing social issue and then shows what viewers can do about it, even if they only have one minute of time to give.”  Check out their series on wildlife, animals, animal cruelty, and gifts for pet loversTheir motto:  “Be the change you want to see in the world!”
  • We love the gift a client just emailed us! : A donation to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation via Network for Good.  On this site, you can choose the charity you’d like to donate to on behalf of someone, then send your friend an e-card to let them know.  We also love their “10 Tips on Volunteering Wisely“.
  • Did you know this is National Train Your Dog Month? Give the gift of training a dog (or cat) to a friend, neighbor or your family!  Make life easier & more fun with your pets – a great family project.  Or, help a neighbor-in-need keep their pet, and a pet-in-need keep their home.  We’re just a call or email away!

Just to let you know, our overachiever poodle, Rusty, has already accomplished his resolutions!  See what he’s been up to.  We hope to love, laugh & learn even more this year, sharing our experience with you along the way.  Let’s start with a laugh….. Have you seen the Pattycake Cats?

Happy New Year!

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