Dec 13

What’s the best way to enjoy the holidays with your pets?  Play, of course! It’s big Fido & feline-fun, and it’s packed with benefits you might not have considered.  Play keeps us moving with our pets, reducing stress & enhancing moods.  Fresh air & laughter help all of us flow with stressful holiday routine changes & chaos.  Exercise is a rainy-day boredom buster, too.  (Bored pets are more mischievous!)  And best of all – how many of those pesky New Year’s resolutions get tackled in the process?

We’ve got gobs of great gift ideas for your pet (or the pet lover on your list) and DIY sources for crafty, thrifty Santas — with a little laughter thrown in. (Videos below.) Let’s go!

  • For the Fido in your life: We updated our toy list!  Look for interactive toys to exercise brain & body, indoors & out.  Plus, we help you choose toys & chews based on your pet’s chewing preferences.  Need more?  We’re all over Johann the Dog’s smart dog toys!
  • For your finicky feline friends: Keep Kitty moving!  Our toy recommendations include interactive & self-amusing ideas.  If your cat’s not inclined to play on his own, try interactive play.  Even self-starting players will appreciate it if you freshen up & rotate their toy supply.  Put a few away for awhile, and bring new ones out, tucked in boxes or paper bags to be discovered & explored.  And, a little catnip couldn’t hurt!
  • Looking for DIY ideas? We love this option because it’s budget-friendly; personalized for your pet’s play & lifestyle; and a great way to get kids involved!  Check out PetMD’s DIY gift list for pets & their people.  Make & Build Dog Stuff and Squidoo have some wonderful ideas for dogs.  Responsible Pet Ownership’s bloggers cover cats & dogs, as does Martha Stewart’s Pet Projects.   More inspirational sources for DIY ideas:  ModernCat, Etsy, Moomah, and DesignSponge.  We love these sites because you can shop them, or try your hand @ making something you see.  As with any new toy, supervise your pet as they play with your creations.  Keep it safe & fun!
  • What’s Rusty getting for Christmas? Shhh – it’s a secret!  But he’s been a very good boy, so Santa’s got him covered.  Rusty is a December pup, born 12/20/06.  So here’s a sneak peak @ his B-day present:  A Socktopus Monkey!  (Really….shhhh!)  He’ll share his toy reviews with you in future posts.  In the meantime, check out his “Holiday Play” adventures!

Keeping the spirit of play going:  This is our all-time favorite holiday dog-play video, paws down!

Not be outdone, Simon’s Cat returns in “Santa Claws”. (Remember to pet-proof your tree, folks!)  Happy Holidays to you, family & pets alike!

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