Nov 14

This is our favorite time of year!  We love crisp autumn days, lovely road trips, and Thanksgiving, of course.  (Mmm…. pumpkin pie!)  So we dedicate this post to sharing the spirit of the season with our pets.

Remember when we introduced “Simon’s Cat” to you? Well, in his latest adventure, “Cat Chat”, Simon’s Cat puts some un-raked leaves to good use.  Enjoy the video, and learn more about Simon’s process in this behind-the-scenes interview.  (We love Teddy interrupting Simon’s interview!)

What about our pooches? Our fave poodle, Rusty, hit the road with us in style to enjoy fall in northern CA.  (Watch his latest road trip video for local, pet-friendly travel ideas.)  Now, he’s a tired pup enjoying sweet dreams.  Still not feeling the autumnal spirit?  Watch how much fun little Kevin, the Yorkie, has with a pile of leaves!

November is also “Adopt a Senior Pet month“.  What better way to celebrate the season!  As always, we’re here to help you with your pet’s training & behavior.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, humans & pets alike!

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