Oct 14

We love Halloween, but it’s a scary season for pets. Take the “Boo!” out of Halloween for Fluffy & Fido by prepping them now:

For Halloween day:

October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month. (We say: cats, too!)  Petfinder.com can help you find your next pet.  Not adopting?  Help pets-in-need by donating time, goods, or money to your local shelter or rescue(We can help you choose & train your new companion!)  Check out this charming video.  It’s proof that adorable, adoptable pets are already wearing the best costumes of all!

Not to be left out, Rusty’s been working on a new “trick” with his his latest “treat”.  See how he’s doing.  (Not bad for a little guy who’s recovering from a spooky bee sting.)  Rusty’s motto:  Everything can be fixed with toys & treats!

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