Jun 18

We wish you many fun-filled, sunny days this summer. We collected some great tips & ideas for family activities you & your pets will enjoy.

“On a hot day, in just 10 minutes, a car’s temperature can reach 112 degrees, even with the windows partially open. During the summer, veterinarians see many emergency patients suffering from heat exhaustion due to being left in cars. Sadly, not all survive. So next time you need to run some “quick” errands, leave your pets safely at home, not in the car.”

Did you hear about Max, the lab who saved his on life by honking the horn until his owner let him out of a too-hot car?  Lucky dog!  And, don’t forget to check in with Rusty on his new blog.  Find out how he & his friends are keeping cool.  (Remember, summer’s a perfect time for positive pet training.  Kids going back-to-school?  Routine changes make many pets anxious.  We’d love to help!)

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