May 27

We wish you a nice, sunny Memorial Day weekend with your family & pets!

Get off to a good start with important seasonal info & fun goodies:

We love this video because it perfectly captures this holiday’s vibe.  Welcome summer….. doggie-style!

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May 8

We’re new dog-parents! About a month ago we adopted Rusty, an adorable, 3-yr-old miniature poodle.  As previous guardians of a boxer and fans of bully breeds, we surprised ourselves by adopting a poodle.  But, he’s a cool dog who happens to be in a poodle suit!  So we’re thrilled & honored to have him in our lives.  If you’re a “fur-mom”, too, this post’s for you.   Enjoy!

  • Read “Rusty’s Dog Blog”.  It’s a new site we’re launching, packed with lots of helpful hints, product reviews & pet peeves – from a poodle’s point-of-view!  Don’t be fooled:  Rusty thinks big & loves to play, so his raves will benefit pups of all sizes.  Just subscribe to our e-newsletter, and we’ll let you know what Rusty’s been up to!
  • Feline “moms”:  We certainly haven’t forgotten about you!  As always, our posts and resource section are loaded with goodies for cat & dog lovers.  (As you know, Kitty’s life is easier if your pup is trained & happily tired!)  Contact us anytime if you need help with your favorite feline’s behavior.
  • Procrastinators rejoice! If your mom is a pet lover & you forgot the gift, we’ll keep you out of the doghouse.  Check our recommended reading list for dog & cat books.  (Might we suggest Trish King’s “Parenting Your Dog“?)  Or pick up the latest issue of “The Bark” magazine for Mom.  For the philanthropist pet-mom, donate to a local shelter or rescue in her name.  Email Mom a sweet note along with a link to a “Simon’s Cat” film – or – send her a personalized, animated e-card from  Cute!  Need more ideas?  We’ve got you covered:  Take Mom & her pup to a dog park, or go for a hike/picnic.  Or get in touch with us for gift certificates for dog & cat training.
  • Don’t get Mom a surprise pet as a gift! See our last Mother’s Day post….

Have a lovely Mother’s Day!  We’ll leave you with this silly kitten video that we just can’t stop watching:

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