Apr 22

We hope you’re enjoying the sunshine!  Explore these eco-friendly goodies from the comfort of home.  (Who wants a big carbon “paw print” anyway, right?)

Take Puglet’s advice for humans:  Get out there and make a difference in the environment everyday!  Watch his video & read his blog, The Daily Puglet. (Pug fans, this one’s for you….  Uber-cute!)

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Apr 3

We look forward to all things spring this year.  And we wish you and your pets lots of fun, sunny days!  Enjoy these tidbits of springy-goodness to get you off to a good start:

  • Flea & tick season is upon us, and it’s already a busy one!  Ask your vet about the latest & safest preventatives.  Be sure you use the correct, pet-specific product & dose.  Do not use over-the-counter products; buy them from your vet.  Read more – this could save your pets’ lives!
  • Avoiding tick bites (for humans) – a diagram from the CA Dept. of Public Health.
  • Easter safety tips from aspca.org.
  • “Spring’s here: Get out & play!” Visit our “evergreen” post from last spring.
  • There’s an app for that! Aspca.org’s fabulous list of plants (indoor & outdoor) that are safe for pets is now the “Pet Safe” app.  We love it because it’s portable, of course.  But now you can also identify plants by photo if you, like us, can’t name every plant in your yard.
  • Cute but smelly:  Keep your pets away from skunks!  Females den now thru May/June when the babies are born.  Cozy skunk cribs include under your deck or in your woodpile.   Block your pets’ access to both now.  Learn more about prevention & solutions if the worst happens to your dog or cat – ugh!  Visit our site for more wildlife how-to’s.  By the way – did you know skunks like peanut butter, too?  Watch!
  • Spring cleaning? Be pet friendlyhere’s how.
  • Early puppy & kitten training is the best way to enjoy the rest of the year with your pet.  We can help you start now!

A corny but comedic video-montage wish from us to you:   As you bid a fond farewell to playing in the snow, welcome spring with a happy song in your heart.  Go enjoy a romp in the sun with your pets!

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