Jan 10

How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up?  If you’ve let them go already, don’t despair – you’re not alone. Walking Dog 2 A new British university study shows that less then 25% of people who make resolutions keep them.  Successful folks have a plan & help themselves stick to it.  They break their ultimate goal into smaller steps, and reward themselves after achieving each step.  (Wow – sounds like pet training!)  They are accountable to themselves & their friends along the way because they journal their efforts & tell friends about their goals.  If you’re in the majority who’ve blown it already, don’t give up.  Renew your resolve with a plan that will benefit you & your pet!

Two of the most popular resolutions are losing weight & improving relationships.  Accomplish two of your goals @ once:  Get out & get moving with your dog! You’ll bond with Rover while you both get healthier, mentally & physically.  (For Rover, that translates into better behavior!)  Make it a priority:  Put it on your calendar & schedule around it.  Invite friends to go with you.  Go even if you don’t feel like going.  Soon you’ll find it’s the best part of your day!

We gathered some articles to inspire you to reach your goals:

Contact us to improve Rover’s leash manners & behavior, or if you need help with Kitty.  We wish you & your pets a happy, healthy 2010.  Remember, any day is a good day to make and keep a resolution!

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