Oct 17

Halloween is good spooky-fun for humans.  For pets, it’s just plain spooky.  This year, help your pets enjoy halloween pugHalloween – from their points-of-view.

  • A truly happy Halloween for pets includes lots of exercise & play, followed by relaxing away from the chaos of treat-or-treating.  Watch this video, and visit our post from last Halloween for important pet safety tips.
  • Step away from the Halloween haute couture for Fluffy & Fido! They much prefer to go au naturale.  Don’t believe us?  Check the abundance of videos & pics of costumed pets online.  One look @ their faces tells the “tail”.   Perhaps this video of Pixie & Wicket will convince you.  (Their owner – and videographer – notes that “a minute after recording the video, Pixie peed in place, and Wicket bit his left hand”.)  Not happy puppies!
  • Having said that, in the “spirit” of  the season, we suspect that if dogs did do Halloween, it would look like Splash & Kiko’s treat-or-treating adventure! (FYI:  No chicken bones for dogs!  Kiko’s owner/trainer said Kiko doesn’t have any teeth, so she couldn’t chew the bone.  That bone was the only thing they could get her to take in her mouth from the “mean guy”.)


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Oct 6

More foodie news for you & your pets, including the latest in pet food recalls & meat safety:Moment before the feast


Food source safety

  • Ditch those hard, plastic drinking bottles.  A new Harvard study says the plastic used leaches BPA.  While you’re @ it, switch Fluffy & Fido to stainless steel or heavy glass food/water bowls.  Avoid plastic or ceramic food bowls.
  • Understand how E.coli gets into ground beef, despite inspections & regulations.  Watch the nytimes.com video, “Tainted Meat“.  Read the accompanying article, “E.Coli Path Shows Flaws in Beef Inspection”.  We recommend purchasing whole cuts of beef and having them ground for you @ the meat counter.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.
  • Can you prevent E.Coli contamination @ home when you prep ground beef for cooking?  NYTimes.com explores this question in their video, “Hamburger Confidential“.  (Not recommended viewing for hypochondriacs!)

Fall fun!

  • Coffee cat stencils for the cat-loving, caffeine fiend in your life.  A nice way to warm up! 
  • It’s pumpkin time! We love “Pumpkin Pieces” Kong stuffing recipe from dogs.thefuntimesguide.com:  “Combine some plain yogurt, canned pumpkin, and cooked rice in a small baggie.  Mix well inside the bag, then snip off a corner of the bag and squeeze it into the Kong toy.  Freeze.”  Yum!
  • Amy Shojai, CABC, recommends a canned pumpkin treat for cats that can also act as a home remedy for hairballs:  “Divide the pumpkin into tablespoon dollops in an ice cube tray, freeze, and thaw one dose as needed.”  (Cats love the flavor of pumpkin, but often don’t like to eat cold things.  So thaw the pumpkin to room temperature, no hotter.)
  • Pumpkin & bananas are good for humans, too.  Try this Low Fat Pumpkin Banana Bread from about.com.  Careful – If you add the chocolate chips, as one reader recommends, keep Fido out of the kitchen!

In case you missed it, we love the SNL short video, “Mostly Garbage Pet Food”.  (We also noticed the uncanny resemblance between the mock food bag in the video & a Pedigree food bag.  Enough said.)

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