Sep 13

dog-boy readingWe hope you had a great summer!  Now that kids & teachers are headed back to school, maybe your pet should, too. Fall’s routine changes can stress pets.  Days are shorter & families are busier.  If Rover & Fluffy suddenly get less exercise, attention & guidance from you, behavior problems can arise.  We see everything from destructive behavior to aggression, as a result.  Here are some guidelines for a smooth transition into Fall:

  • Get moving! Continue (or increase) your pet’s exercise routine. Do this rain or shine, night or day.   A happily, consistently tired pet is less stressed and better behaved.  Interactive play is great for cats, and dogs love puzzle toys.  Both work your pet’s mind & body, even in inclement weather.  (See our cat & dog toy recommendations.)  Play dates & doggy day care also relieve Rover’s boredom & stress.  Contact us for more ideas.
  • Train proactively. Don’t let small issues become disastrously bad habits.  For example, nuisance barking, boredom/stress-based chewing, & separation anxiety can quickly escalate.  Been meaning to train Pup?  Now’s the perfect time to get started!
  • Watch that pet door! If you’re not sure that Pup will potty outside in the rain, don’t give him the option, via the pet door, of choosing to potty inside where it’s warm & dry.  If your indoor/outdoor cat doesn’t have a litter box because he potties outside, he might appreciate an indoor litter box option in nasty weather.  House soiling regression is very common in the winter, so prepare now.  We can give you a proactive potty plan.
  • Family fun: Get the kids involved!  (Keep it safe & age-appropriate, of course.)  If you’re home-schooling, add pet care & training to the curriculum. We’ve got lots of ideas to get you started!

Stay cool in our Fall heatwave. Watch Abby (pit), Lexis (yorkie/poodle) & Caius (pit) beat the last of the summer heat.  And hang ten (or eight) with pups @ the 2009 Surf Dog competition!

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