Nov 25

Happy Thanksgiving! This edition of “You Are What You Eat” includes Thanksgiving safety tips; recall updates; and this month’s news on melamine in the food supply.

Thanksgiving prep, safety & diet info:

Recall updates:

Melamine in pet & human food supplies:

“…the agency’s recent reaction to the discovery of the toxic chemical melamine in infant formula was evidence of its continued dysfunction. This fall, the agency said that any amount of melamine in infant formula might be harmful. But the agency then said that trace amounts of melamine were acceptable after they were found in formula made in the United States.”

I hope this catches everyone up on the food news. Warmest Thanksgiving Wishes to you & your family: humans, canines & felines, alike!

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Nov 9

Often overlooked, with lots of love to give, older cats & dogs are wonderful companions!

  • Please visit your local shelter or rescue group to meet senior pets you can share your home with.
  • Read the The Senior Dogs Project’s reasons for welcoming an adult dog into your heart & home, and what you need to know before you adopt.
  • Read the SFSPCA’s reasons for adopting a senior pet (cats & dogs).
  • See our article on adopting an older Kitty.
  • See our info on special-needs pets for helpful links.
  • Listen to tips on caring for your elderly dog.
  • And – you can teach an old dog (or cat) new tricks! Contact us to help your new pet make the transition into your family.  Begin training as soon as you bring your pet home, to prevent unwanted behaviors.  Training will also keep your pet safe & comfy through the holidays.

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Nov 6

Lots has happpened in the last few days!  Prop 2 passed; there’s going to be a new “first dog” in the White House; and Barney had a bad day…..

We hope the new “First Dog” is adopted from a shelter.  (Why not a “First Cat”?  Remember “Socks” Clinton?) If you’re considering adopting a pet, contact us for help in choosing the right dog or cat for you & your family.  See our reading list for books on choosing a pet, and visit local shelters & rescues.

There’s tension in the White House, and Barney’s surely feeling it.  If your pet has behavior issues, don’t hesitate to contact us, sooner rather than later.  Don’t forget, early training, beginning as soon as you bring your pet home, is always best for preventing unwanted behaviors like aggression!

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Nov 1

Please consider these arguments in favor of Prop. 2 before you head to the polls:

  • Per the Marin Humane Society:  “Prop 2 will phase out the most abusive factory farming practices in California: veal crates, battery cages for egg-laying hens, and pig gestation crates.”  Read more about the Marin Humane Society’s position & argument in favor of Prop 2.
  • Read the ASPCA‘s argument in favor of Prop 2, as well as their rebuttal to those opposed to it.
  • Visit to read the list of organizations endorsing this proposition.
  • Pass this info on to your friends before election day!

“How we treat the least of beings among us determines our own humanity” Oprah Winfrey

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