Sep 26

This is a recurring topic for us because we believe that your pet’s diet affects his/her physical, emotional & behavioral well-being. And, in light of the news of melamine entering the human food supply via Chinese-made powdered milk, we cannot assume that processed foods are safe for our pets or ourselves.

Manufacturers of processed pet & human foods are not required to disclose the countries of origin of their ingredients.  And, only 1% of the imports entering the US are inspected by the FDA.  Demand to know the sources of ingredients in your food supply; contact manufacturers! See our diet info for pet food brands that have disclosed the sources of their ingredients, making their products more trust-worthy.

As always, here’s the latest in recalls and, now, the presence of melamine in the human food supply:

Keep your pet safe this Halloween.  Read the ASPCA’s tips.  Keep candy out of your pet’s reach.  Wrappers, chocolate, and artificial sweeteners in sugar-free candies (xylitol) are all harmful to Fido & Fluffy.

Be safe; be healthy!

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