Jun 27

As we approach the 4th of July holiday, here are a few tips (updated daily) to help your pet stay safe & happy:

  • The smoke from all the fires in CA is harmful to the health of people & pets.  If the air quality forecast is “unhealthy for sensitive groups”, consider your pet included.  Follow all the recommendations & health advisories with your pet, too.  Read about the latest on the local air quality and the fires, statewide.  Thanks so much to those who are risking their lives fighting the fires.  Our hearts go out to folks who have lost homes & pets to the fires.  Check with the American Red Cross for tips on wildfire safety and how you can donate to help those in need.
  • This weekend is the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic. Get up early & enjoy the event!  But keep in mind that the sound of a hot air balloon’s burners can frighten pets.  If you notice your dog barking at or retreating from the sight/sound of a hot air balloon, distract Pup with play.  Don’t try to coddle or soothe Pup’s anxiety away, as that will likely intensify his fear.  Adopt a playful attitude – it’s contagious to your dog!  A special chewy, a fetch game, a puzzle toy, or play with another dog can help.  If Pup’s too nervous to play or eat, try the same approach indoors.  Bring him into a quiet interior room; close windows to block out balloon sounds; and turn on the TV or soothing music for a familiar background sound.  Some dogs need more activity to overcome fears, like going for a run with you.  But never force your pet to do anything he doesn’t want to do when he’s nervous – this can compound anxieties.  For more help with your pet’s anxieties, contact Critter Consulting.  (If your pet panics to the point of harming himself, contact your vet first.)  Be proactive to give your pet relief as quickly as possible!
  • Fourth of July fireworks also panic many pets. If your pet is scared of fireworks, or you don’t know how he will react to them, don’t leave him outside or home alone that day or night.  Take the above measures ahead of time to relax Pup.  (Remember that your pet can hear the fireworks start before you can, and fireworks begin before the 4th!)  The ASPCA offers more 4th of July safety tips.

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Jun 20

Diet does matter.  Here’s the latest:

  • Oops!  I missed this bit of news about the latest food recall, but Julia Kamysz Lane of BarkBlog caught it:

“If your dog dines on Timberwolf Organics, be sure to read this press release. The company is recalling two formulas that were produced with these three specific “best by” dates: Dakota Bison, best by 02/12/09; Ocean Blue, best by 02/20/09; and Ocean Blue, best by 03/08/09. For more information, please email customer.support@timberwolforganics.com or call (407) 877-8779.”


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Jun 15

June is “Adopt-a-shelter-cat month”!

Per the San Francisco SPCA: Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month is strategically positioned at the beginning of “kitten season,” when animal welfare agencies are filled with felines of all ages, sizes and colors, so this is the perfect time to adopt a cat or kitten!”

“Free adoptions to individuals 62 and over who adopt a 3+ year old cat. The five, longest-term cats at Maddie’s are sponsored by the Adoption Department, which covers the fee. If two cats are bonded and must be adopted together, the adopter is only charged for one of those cats.”

Check with your local shelter to see how they are celebrating adopt-a-shelter-cat month. Contact Critter Consulting for help making new adoptions go smoothly.

More events:

♥  June 17, 18 & 27Spay/Neuter Project @ the Humane Society of Sonoma County.  A free or low-cost program.

June 20“World’s Ugliest Dog Contest” in Petaluma @ the Sonoma-Marin Fair.  Get more details & watch the video of previous winners.

♥  June 20, 2008Annual Take Your Dog to Work Day.

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Jun 8

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a pet-loving dad, here are a few ideas:

  • Donate to a local shelter or animal welfare group.  You can do this in Dad’s name, or in memory of a beloved pet.  There are many hard-working, kind-hearted local organizations your donation can help.  If Dad is an outdoorsman, he might appreciate a donation in his name to a wildlife rescue group.
  • Take Dad & his dog for a hike or a daytripRead about traveling with your dog for fun ideas.
  • Make a visit to a dogpark part of Dad’s day.
  • Dine al fresco with Fido.  (This video gives great tips for taking Fido to a restaurant, on a hike or to a dogpark.)
  • Get Dad an interactive toy that he & Rover can play with.  A classic favorite of many dog-lovers is the Chuckit! Ultra.
  • Is Dad a runner? Try a hands-free leash to make a jog with Rover more enjoyable.
  • We offer gift certificates for dog and cat training. Get the family involved in a fun summer project!
  • While we caution against getting a pet as a gift, Father’s Day could be a good time to begin a family discussion about adopting a pet.  Check our website for tips on choosing a pet, local shelters & rescue groups, and books on the subject.  Contact us for help choosing, preparing for & training your pet.  We’d love to help!

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