Feb 12


Safety first:  Take these precautions to have a pet-friendly Valentine’s day, courtesy of the ASPCA.

Then, put a smile on your face! Watch Odie the pug say, “I love you!”  on Late Night with David Letterman.

Feb 10

If you’re looking for family-oriented, pet-related TV shows:dog-tv.jpg

  • Have you heard of these dog breeds:  the Tibetan mastiff, the Beauceron, the Swedish vallhund, and the Plott?   They’re all new this year @ the 132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which begins Monday, 2/11/08Read more about it, and check your local listings.
  • Victoria Stilwell is back with “It’s Me or the Dog” on Animal Planet.  Watch this instead of Cesar if you want to see a practical, positive approach to dog training.  Check your local listings.

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Feb 9

Your pets’ diets affect their well-being: emotionally, physically & behaviorally.  Stay on top of the latest news on pet food safety, and educate yourself about what goes into your pets’ food.  Fluffy & Fido are counting on you!  (I’ll be revisiting this topic often in future posts.)cat-dog-eating.jpg

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Feb 2


A heartwarming follow-up to my last post, plus more “Good Mews”:

  • Life’s looking up for 22 more of Michael Vick’s dogs, who are being rehabbed by Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah.  Read the NYT article and watch the video .
  • Alternative viewing for animal lovers on Super Bowl Sunday:  Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl IV” starts @ 3 pm and runs for 3 hours.  Watch puppies play – what could be better?  And there’s a kitten half-time show.  According to the NYT:  “Many of the animals come from shelters; part of the show’s mission is to promote adoption via Petfinder.com. Recruiting players is not a challenge.”  Read the entire NYT article and watch a video clip.

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