Oct 26

We’re huge fans of Halloween. But good, spooky fun shouldn’t come at the expense of your pets’ happiness & safety. Check these sources for tips on a pet-friendly Halloween:

  • A Purr-fect Howl-oween – Our post is packed with great pet tips for before & during Halloween, including DIY treats, toys & costumes!
  • ASPCA’s safety guidelines for autumn and Halloween

Now, let’s enjoy some flicks that are more silly than scary!  First up is last year’s classic.  See what happens when Splash & Kiko take Halloween matters into their own paws!

Not to be left out, these kitties put the fun in Halloween!  While we don’t recommend putting Fluffy in a costume, Jumbo Pillow is so happy munching on boiled chicken breast & plain canned pumpkin that he doesn’t mind a bit!

And, finally, Jarrod demos how to safely trick or treat …… in feline style!

More fun links:

  • Our intrepid poodle, Rusty, monkeys around this Halloween.  Watch!
  • Our Facebook page is the place to be this fall!  Our Halloween film fest continues there, with lots of laughs.  And, as always, our page is packed with timely, helpful info for pet guardians.  Join us!


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Aug 27

We’re looking back on a great summer with friends, family, clients & pets.  And, of course, there’s lots more fun to come!

“Feels like Home” from Roberto Musicorio.

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Jul 8

We hope your summer has been amazing so far!  As we take a bit of a break between posts to enjoy the sunshine, we’ll leave you in Tillman’s capable paws:

Keep your pets cool in the sun.  Remember, on a hot day it only takes 10 minutes for the temperature inside a parked car to reach 110 degrees.  That’s deadly for kids & pets.   Wonder how hot it is in SR in a parked car right now?  Check here for real-time readings.  Our related posts (below) are packed with ideas for beating the heat.  And we love these tips for cooling Kitty.

Of course, our pal, Rusty, has chillin’ down to an art.   Watch!

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May 28

We welcome the holiday weekend and a wonderful summer.  Need a jump-start on summer smiles?  This video should do the trick!

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May 16

While we take a break between posts, we just had to share this video with you. If you’ve ever loved a dog, you’ll love this.  (And, if it does inspire you to adopt from your local shelter, we’re happy to help you enjoy life with your new pet.  Just get in touch with us.)  We hope you enjoy this flick as much as we did!

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May 2

Wishing moms of fur-kids everywhere a very Happy Mother’s Day!  In light of the week’s events, we’ll let this oh-so-apropos video speak our hearts:

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Feb 7

Every day we help folks improve their relationships with their pets. A little education, understanding & patience from humans has a huge impact on their pets’ behavior.  As a result, cats, dogs & their people enjoy sweeter lives together.  So, really, we capture the spirit of Valentine’s Day every day around here.  We dedicate this post to celebrating & sharing that lovin’ feeling with pets and pet-lovers in your life – year round!

Play together, stay together – Try these toys to keep your pet moving; prevent boredom-based problem behaviors; and brighten each day!

How can you show your pets you love them? Understand what they need from you:

  • Read Amy Shojai’s “10 Tips to Show Cats Love
  • Read Kristine’s post, “A Letter to My Dog“.  It’s a thoughtful, humorous, heartfelt agreement to meet her dog, Shiva, halfway.  (Well, really more than half-way…)  It’s a great reminder of the parts we play in the relationships with our dogs, and how a little understanding goes a very long way.
  • And, a humorous list of what Pup would like from you:  “10 Canine Commandments“.

Gifts for your pet-loving valentine…. The best ones last or give back!

  • Blue Witch cat and dog mugs are more artistic than annoying.  (We know it’s a fine line.)
  • Pattern and Paw’s Cone Cat t-shirt is perfect for folks in veterinary, shelter or rescue fields.   Quirky-cute & funny.
  • Buy this t-shirt & save a pit bull, through 2/28/11.  And, it’s green!  Woof!
  • The Grey Muzzle Organization’s “I Love Old Dogs” pearl bracelet is sweet.  It comes gift-boxed, and the proceeds benefit senior dogs.
  • For the exotic fashionista, we recommend this canine t-shirt from Nika Collection in Turkey.
  • Yogamatic offers personalized yoga mats.  Send a pic of your pet, and they’ll put it on a mat.  New meaning for downward dog!
  • Join the Lu Parker Project:  Donate the cost of a Kuranda bed for a shelter dog, and they’ll send your valentine a bouquet of flowers.  Lovely.

Last but not least, keep your furry Valentines smelling sweet:

  • This is Pet Dental Month.  Watch these videos on how to brush your cat’s and dog’s teeth.  (Yes, you can & you should.)  Visit your vet for regular dental exams & cleanings.  (We DO NOT recommend anesthesia-free cleanings.  Watch to learn why.)  See how Rusty keeps his canines sparkling.
  • It’s skunk season (ugh).  Here’s the de-skunking 411.  You’re welcome.  (Have you seen little Iso bathing in slow motion?  Awwww…..)

Happy Valentine’s Day – every day!

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Nov 14

This is our favorite time of year!  We love crisp autumn days, lovely road trips, and Thanksgiving, of course.  (Mmm…. pumpkin pie!)  So we dedicate this post to sharing the spirit of the season with our pets.

Remember when we introduced “Simon’s Cat” to you? Well, in his latest adventure, “Cat Chat”, Simon’s Cat puts some un-raked leaves to good use.  Enjoy the video, and learn more about Simon’s process in this behind-the-scenes interview.  (We love Teddy interrupting Simon’s interview!)

What about our pooches? Our fave poodle, Rusty, hit the road with us in style to enjoy fall in northern CA.  (Watch his latest road trip video for local, pet-friendly travel ideas.)  Now, he’s a tired pup enjoying sweet dreams.  Still not feeling the autumnal spirit?  Watch how much fun little Kevin, the Yorkie, has with a pile of leaves!

November is also “Adopt a Senior Pet month“.  What better way to celebrate the season!  As always, we’re here to help you with your pet’s training & behavior.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, humans & pets alike!

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Oct 14

We love Halloween, but it’s a scary season for pets. Take the “Boo!” out of Halloween for Fluffy & Fido by prepping them now:

For Halloween day:

October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month. (We say: cats, too!)  Petfinder.com can help you find your next pet.  Not adopting?  Help pets-in-need by donating time, goods, or money to your local shelter or rescue(We can help you choose & train your new companion!)  Check out this charming video.  It’s proof that adorable, adoptable pets are already wearing the best costumes of all!

Not to be left out, Rusty’s been working on a new “trick” with his his latest “treat”.  See how he’s doing.  (Not bad for a little guy who’s recovering from a spooky bee sting.)  Rusty’s motto:  Everything can be fixed with toys & treats!

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Sep 15

OK – We admit we dragged our feet about exploring Twitter. (Why on Earth would we want to waste more time online?)  But, we kept an open mind and dove in.  Now that we’ve seen the light and joined the Twitter-sphere, we’d like to share our experience with you.  (If you’re not on Twitter, bear with us & read on, because you don’t have to join Twitter to benefit!)

Our goal with this website is to provide a fresh, unbiased, informative & entertaining resource for our clients, as well as ourselves. Our new site, Rusty’s Dog Blog, is more on the fun side, with small lessons sprinkled into each of his posts.  Our e-Newsletter lets you relax & receive info from our sites automatically.  It’s also a way for us to bring you breaking pet news, like recalls, between posts.  In all of our publications, you can breeze thru & just watch a fun video – or – dig deeper to learn about behavior, health, diet, products, etc.  Personalize your experience!

How does Twitter fit in? We weren’t sure until we found a widget for our homepage (& Rusty’s) that shows our most recent tweets!  (Funny, we can write “Tweet”, but still feel incredibly awkward saying it out loud.)  So you don’t have to be on Twitter to get the best of the daily updates on what’s happening in all-things-cats-and-dogs.  Just check our site every now & then!  Still not sure?  Don’t blame you.  We’re extremely picky about what we post.  Here are a few of our recent “tweets” (still wincing):

Interesting, right?  Of course, you’re welcome to follow us on Twitter if you like, as well as Rusty. (By the way – Rusty’s becoming quite the melon connoisseur.  Watch him in action!)  Contact us anytime for help with your pets.  We’d love to hear from you!

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